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Every One Of Us Loves Alex Ferguson....

....even the ones that called him a wanker for signing Eric Djemba-Djemba

This is one of those crap biographies.

This is a journal about Manchester United Football Club, as written by me, a 25 year United supporter who, no, doesn't go the games BEFORE YOU ASK, but that's because I don't have the money.... to buy the half-time refreshments.

It will feature news and views by me, will feature large amounts of swearing, is supposed to be updated every day (but certainly won't be) and is meant to err on the side of humorous. But that's up to your opinion really. Any rumours that I saw Arseblog and got pissed off that there isn't a United blog on the net as popular and well-written as that one (Christ almighty, that hurt) are completely untrue, honest.

You can't respond to the entries unless you're an LJ user - get an account, it's free, what more do you want? There won't be any locked entries or owt, don't worry.

And in the unlikely event you're wondering who writes this, setting_sun does and thanks your for your patronage